Dove (Body & Hair Mist)

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Now your favorite scent in a cool & refreshing product for your skin or hair. An explosive combination of freshness, softness, hydration & pleasant smell.
Remarkable ingredients of Body Mist and Hair Mist include Vitamin E andProvitamin B5 that offer a real regeneration of the skin and hair.
Provitamin B5 or otherwise Panthenol Is More frequently used vitamin in the cosmetics industry because it is considered Necessary for Beauty of Skin and Hair. Provitamine B5 is rapidly converted to Vitamin B5, which plays a key role in the Cells and Tissues. So, the regeneration of the skin and hair is achieved. Vitamin B5 in hair care because it acts on its surface Keratin and ensures Hair A coherence, making them at the same time stronger and brighter. Besides, Deficiency of Vitamin B5 Causes Hair Loss.
Likewise on skin studies show that it works in favor of healing and has anti-inflammatory action. D The Keratinocyte Composition and Spread of fibroblasts, playing An important role In the process of Skin Repair.
Finally, features antioxidant action and anti-aging properties. It limits the action of free radicals to the skin, but in particular prevents hair destruction from ultraviolet radiation. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory action quite useful for healing micro-burns from the sun. Finally, it retains the elasticity of the skin and its hydration.

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