faqs fantasticaroma

ok fine, I want to order…

Fortunately there are several ways to order what you like.

A) The simplest way is to send a message through this form.

B) Contact us at 6972604233 contact phone (What’s Up – Cosmote) or the landline 2311298375 (store hours).

C) From the search bar or menu, you can find what you like and then select the quantity and items. In the end you will need to place it in your cart by pressing the “add to cart” button. Then you can in the same way add other products that you may be interested in the basket, so that in the end you go to the checkout with your basket complete.

For further information enter here…

D) Find our Facebook page – www.facebook.com/fantasticaroma

or our instagram page – www.instagram.com/fantasticaroma

Oops, I changed my mind at the last minute, what should I do?

Haha, we keep getting it. The perfumes and items at fantasticAroma are so many that where you think you have finished with your order, you thought or saw something and even decided that you want it too. Send us a message, filling out our form, we will be happy to help.

I do not want to pay before I receive. Is it possible?

Of course!. There is no reason to pay in advance. During your order on our website, you will be asked to choose the payment method. Choose between Free Bank Transfer – Deposit, Cash on Delivery and Paypal, Cash on Delivery.

That’s it! Pay the Courier when it arrives at your place in the next few days…

Is there a charge for shipping?

Yes and no!;

Unfortunately, courier companies and transport companies charge some fees to maintain the speed and quality of transport. We try to keep these charges as low as possible and our transport costs range from € 1.9 to € 6.6, depending on the selected courier company and the delivery area (Inaccessible or Inaccessible points).

However, for shipments within Greece worth more than € 45 there is absolutely no charge.